Video of Canceled Darth Maul Game

Written by Barry Villatoro

Game Informer reported in it’s May issue, that a Batman Arkham Asylum style game featuring Darth Maul was previously in the works, but no more. Apparently Red Fly Games was the developer working on the project. Reportedly the game was to be called Damage, and tie-in to the Clone Wars tv series.

Of course a link to a YouTube video featuring, which is supposedly footage from the Dath Maul game, appeared on Reddit. I have not been able to confirm whether this is actual footage from the game or not. But in the description of the video on YouTube it says, “Animations by Matt Schmitz.” A little search showed that Matt Schmitz is in fact an animator at Red Fly Studios. Check out the video below yourself, it looks as if it might have had some serious potential.

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