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EA Unveils Battlefield 4’s Multiplayer

Written by Austin Griffith

Today at EA’s E3 2013 confrence, EA showed off new gameplay for Battlefield 4’s multiplayer. The biggest addition is the ability to influence the game directly from your tablet through “commandor mode” which allows you to give important intel and recon to your team. Squads are now five men teams and games feature 64 players, 32 on each side, making them bigger than ever.

Battlefield 4’s maps also look to be even bigger than the largest from Battlefield 3.

Another awesome addition is the ability to take out a road by destroying the support pillar under it, using elevators to go up a skyscraper which can be completely explored.

We saw a squad at the top of a sky scraper, the tanks tried to take down the entire sky scraper, so they called to their commander on the tablet who sent in heavy artillery which gave them the time they needed to capture the objective.

The squad jumped off the building and we saw the entire thing fall into the water, on a scale we’ve never seen done before.


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