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Contrast Is Now Coming To PS3 And 360

Written by James Pope

Contrast is a brand new 2D/3D puzzle platformer being developed by Compulsion Games. Contrast has caught my eye for a myriad or reasons. Contrast is a world of both shadow and light, and it is within these varying landscapes that the core of the gameplay exists. You play as Dawn, a young woman who is described as the most visible yet unknown character in Contrast. Dawn will use her special talents to make use of the larger than life shadows to bring the games platforming elements to life. Players will be able to rapidly switch between their character themselves and their shadow in order to traverse this beautifully crafted world.

The most interesting part of what we’ve seen so far is certainly in the game mechanics themselves. In the included trailer we see Dawn making her way through the world by running on and jumping from the massive shadows cast throughout the world. As of yet there is no telling how this plays out as a puzzle game, but it is probably safe to say you will have to take certain actions to get the shadows into the right positions in order to traverse the world. The art style is absolutely brilliant. It is a great mixture between cartoon and realism that blends this cabaret world into an interesting and inviting environment. This world is a perfect backdrop for the dramatic and mysterious setting that the developers are trying to portray thus far. We will be looking for more information as it becomes available on this innovative platformer.

Contrast was previously set for a PC only release on Steam, but due to a recent publishing deal with Focus Home Interactive the title will now make its way to the PS3 and Xbox 360 as well.

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