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All of the major Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Spoilers

Written by Austin Griffith

Last night, myself and a handful of super fans were treated to the pleasure of watching Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice a few days early at various IMAX theaters around the United States. I took to Reddit to offer up my spoiler-filled musings from the night before, and you can read them all in question-answer format below. I’ll also be outlining a few of the major plot-twists that happen in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The very bottom of the post also answers the most important question: who wins?

Of course, you can ask anything you want in the comment section, which I’ll be answering all day.

We’ll have our full Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice review up shortly, in case you want a spoiler-free read on the new film.



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Here we go then.


There is no post-credits scene in the movie. Just six to nine minutes of credits.


Q: How is the relationship between Superman and Batman after they fight? Do they respect each other? Why are they fighting?

A: The fight is very much Batman attempting to end Superman while Superman very obviously has a lot of respect for Batman and doesn’t want to destroy him, which he unfortunately has to in order to please Lex Luthor Jr., who has Martha Kent kidnapped. He threatens to kill her unless Superman kills Batman. After the fight they respect each other a lot. They fight in tandem with each other excellently and have each others backs.


Q: Do The Joker or Robin make appearances in flashbacks at all?

A: No scenes in solve The Joker or Robin, there are slight nods though, which we’ve seen in the trailers.


Q: Does Superman die? How does Superman die? Is he really dead?

A: Superman spears Doomsday with a Kryptonite spear and is in turn stabbed by Doomsday’s bony-spear of a hand. Superman shoves the spear further in to Doomsday which in turn drives the Doomsday boner-spear further through him. He essentially sacrifices himself for the world. The last seconds of the movie shows a bit of dirt on his casket begin to rise, indicating that he is actually alive and will return.


Q: Is there a funeral scene for Superman? Can you describe it?

A: A ceremonial, military funeral is given to Superman while Clark Kent is given a small funeral before being laid to rest at the Smallville Cemetery with Lois Lane, and Martha Kent watching. Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman watch from a distance and discuss the justice league.


Q: Does Batman actually kill people?

A: Yes. On a few occasions Batman uses guns and ends several lives. Only when absolutely necessary, though.


Q: How do Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the Flash appear?

A: We see The Flash visit Bruce Wayne in a dream and we see that Lex Luthor has files on the existence of Aquaman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. Bruce Wayne obtains and decrypts these files, after which he shares them with Wonder Woman, who watches various videos on each’s existence.

Aquamans video shows an underwater drone checking the sunken wreckage of a ship, from which Aquaman emerges, stares at the camera, and then destroys it violently. Flash’s shows a man (the Flash) in a convenience store stop a robbery and then return to his place in the store near instantaneously, and Cyborg’s shows a scientist operating on a man who is stuck to a wall with his various organs spread out next to him. The operation is deemed a failure until some sort of mysterious artifact is utilized, at which point the camera is covered up.

A cool plot twist involving Doomsday: Doomsday is able to absorb the power of gunfire, explosions, etc. to become more powerful, this is fully realized when Superman and Doomsday are nuked in space and Doomsday survives, becoming even more powerful as he returns to Earth. Superman, on the other hand, is left for dead until the sun gives him energy – it appears the nuke activated that power within him.


Finally, the question we all want the answer to: Who wins?

Batman. After much preparation, the theft of a large chunk of Kryptonite from Lexcorp (who in turn took it from the crashed remains of Zod’s world-destroyer in the Indian Ocean,) Batman creates Kryptonite gas grenade and Kryptonite spear – which he appears to mount to the top of Robin’s staff. After hitting Superman with the Kryptonite gas grenade, Batman in his armored Batsuit is able to block Superman’s punches and throw him around as he would any civilian. As Superman regains his power, Batman shoots another Kryptonite grenade at him. When he finally has him under his heel he is poised to kill him with the Kryptonite spear when Superman tells him to “Save Martha.” Batman, thinking he’s mentioning his mother, Martha Wayne, stops and asks what he’s talking about Lois Lane shows up and tells Batman that Lex has captured Martha Kent. Superman and Batman realize they need to work together, Batman lets Superman get up and it’s decided that Batman needs to go save Martha while Superman holds off Lex.

That’s all for now. If you have any questions drop them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to answer them.

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