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505 Games Announces Payday 2

Written by James Pope

GT_massive_payday2_03-08-2013_v3The original Payday was met with mixed reactions among gamers and journalists alike. Most of the people I spoke to loved the concept of the game but felt like the execution was lacking that special something that would have put this game over the top. From the information that we’re getting now from 505 Games it looks like those complaints have been heard and that they are doing everything possible to make Payday 2 everything we wanted from the original.

Players will have multiple job options available to them via the new CRIMENET database. CRIMENET will list the available jobs to players ranging from small time convenience store robberies all the way up to a full-on bank heist. Would be criminals will be working their way up through lesser jobs while progressing through a skill tree that was inspired by the blockbuster RPG Diablo.

Players will start by picking their respective role within the team. The 4 options available will be the Mastermind, the Enforcer, the Ghost and the Technician each of which will have their own varying skill sets for players to tweak to their liking. Skills alone will not make for a successful heist, players will need the right tools to be able to make their way through the rough streets of Washington DC and tools they shall have. Each mission will provide your team with loot that can be used to upgrade players gear and weaponry. A wide variety of weapons such as sniper rifles, SMGs, assault rifles and pistols are all there for the taking and can each be upgraded in both functional and fashionable ways.

jewelry_store_shootoutMission assets will be there for purchase if heisters feel the need to get a leg up on their victims. These assets will allow us access to perks such as faster getaway cars, blueprints or even a man on the inside. It is these small things that are being added to Payday 2 that make this appear to be the game we were hoping for when Payday: The Heist released. These assets will come in handy as each mission will have multiple stages each with their own specific objectives and sub-objectives. It seems simple, complete more objectives and get more loot, get more loot and unleash more hell upon the unsuspecting public of our nations capital. Each mission has its own dynamic and even randomized events that will allow for a very high replay value. The team at Overkill has implemented these functions so that no one heist will ever play out the same. To help ensure that this happens the team is implementing their new AI Director. This feature will allow the computer AI to adjust to the teams play style and formulate their attack in the way that best counters our tendencies. Enemies will take dynamic actions such as freeing hostages, recovering loot bags and using all the tools at their disposal including realistic breaching tactics and flash bangs.

With all of the new elements being put into this sequel it looks as if we may finally be able to live out the dreams of being a big-time bank robber until we walk away into an early retirement. Payday 2 will be releasing this summer for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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