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Watch this Wednesday – Dead Island: Riptide CG Sads

Written by Chris Lock

Austin is out this week fighting Peruvian Hail Screamers, so I took over Watch this Wednesday to give you some Dead Island Riptide action.

Dead Island, as we all know, gave us one of the most heart-wrenching clips from a zombie apocalypse we have ever seen. The game did not live up to those expectations, but really, who could? Reducing grown men and women to tears in a matter of minutes is a hard feat to duplicate. Because of that hit-and-a-miss combo, you may have passed by the most recent CG trailer for Dead Island Riptide. This would have been a mistake on your part, and one you should rectify.

It does not have quite the pull the first trailer owned, but it sure tries. Scenes like this just stand as a stark reminder that the Zombie Apocalypse is not going to be near as cool as you think it is. More than likely you will die, painfully. If you somehow manage to surive, you will be dead on the inside. Slowly rotting away from all the terrible things you waded through to keep “surviving.”

Riptide is due for release on April 23rd and will cost 50$.

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