FFX HD Coming in 2013 with a Surprise [UPDATE]

Written by Chris Lock
[UPDATE] Famitsu has confirmed that the Vita versions will be sold separately. “Storage issues with the Vita version” is the reason Square Enix gave. They are also looking into cross save functions for both games.

Far be it from Square Enix to bite off a reasonable amount of work. Instead of just working on FFX HD, they have announced that FFX-2 is also going to be uprezzed and released on the PS Vita and PS3. Not that giving us another great game in HD is a problem, but Square’s track record for finishing a project is less than stellar.

Japan will have both games available as a bundle on the PS3 side, but separate on Vita. No confirmation has yet been given as to whether North America will see the same bundle though. Along the lines of giving us just enough information to crave more, Square has announced that FFX HD and FFX-2 HD will both be seeing a release sometime in 2013 for all territories.

Even though these two games are over 10 years old I am still very excited to revisit the world of Spira. I have gotten to the final boss of FFX twice, without actually beating him. And FFX-2 had a fantastic combat system and a story way too long for me at its release. So going back on my Vita and playing both on a when I feel like it basis has me salivating for a release date.

How about you? Excited to see FFX receive a new coat of paint? Which console would you get it for? Let us know in the comments.

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