Watch Gears of War: Judgments Reveal Live Right Now on Xbox Live [Updating Live]

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Major Nelson, Alan Van Slyke, and Chris Wynn are hosting a live Xbox Live event right now where they’ll be taking questions live, revealing new campaign and multiplayer information based on a live voting, and detailing tons of new information right now on the Xbox Dashboard. Give it a watch if you know what’s good for you!

Can’t watch? We’ll be covering all of the information as soon as it breaks right here.

This is the place to be for all of the Gears of War: Judgment information being detailed on tonights live-stream. We’ll be updating live, so keep refreshing.

Aftermath Mode

Domination Mode

Domination mode will be Gears of War: Judgments fast paced, high-stress game mode. Playing like Gears 3’s King of the Hill only with static annex modes. Domination will have three static annex capture points that will allow you to gain points by standing in them and capturing them. Since these annexes won’t change places, it creates a high tension choke point sure to keep your cursing at your screen.

Dynamic Defense System

In survival mode, you are given turrets to place and barriers to build that cannot be rebuilt after they’re destroyed. The turrets can be placed anywhere in the map, which allows the new dynamic spawning system to react based on where you place them.

The turrets you place have a few types: a gnasher types which uses less ammo but has a larger radius and shorter range, and a assault rifle turret like we already have.

Where’s Horde? Survival Mode.

Horde is dead. Long Live Survival Mode! Survival Mode is Gears of War Judgments answer. In a move I don’t agree with, Gears of War Judgment has replaced horde with Survival mode. Similar to the games online mode, you’ll have three objectives your tasked with keeping alive. A primary and two secondary. They claim this is the hardest mode they’ve ever made, to the point where they had to bring in Quality Assurance to make sure it was beatable.

This is a highly strategical mode, where you’ll have every class going head on head with the locusts just to protect your engineer, who’s repairing your last defense system, since they can’t be rebuilt after being destroyed.

Chris Wynn stated this will last around an hour for a full completion, which they claim will be the most intense hour you’ll face.

Declassified Missions

Declassified Missions are Gears of War Judgments answer to complete canon. As you play through the game you’ll be having flashbacks as gameplay where your character gives a testimony over the gameplay. Declassified missions change the way the game plays by introducing environment effects, limiting of weapons, and harder challenges. This really fleshes out the entire story for fans as well as bringing in a whole new level of challenge.

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