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You almost lost me, Ubisoft

Written by Barry Villatoro

Seriously y’all we saw some awesome announcements yesterday from EA, Sony, Microsoft and Ubisoft. We saw great trailers from games we already knew were coming, we saw gameplay from games just announced. Some of the press conferences were great others were really… not so great. Ubisoft was one of those bad conferences, straight up. Aisha Tyler is great in Friends, bad in E3 press conferences. When your press conference is known for being awkward, #girlwood, maybe it’s time to change something.

Ubisoft started by showing us games we’ve known were coming for sometime now. So that was fun. There was even a point at which I stopped watching and just listened. Then came the point where I stopped doing even that. C’mon, you know it was a hella bad (bad, not meaning good) press conference too. Then finally they decided to show us something we cared to see. The Ubisoft press conference went from boring, goofy and awkward to my favorite parts of an E3, games I have to play.

the-crew-logoThey showed us The Crew. Which some of us here at LevelSave are still trying to figure out just what the heck it was that we saw (enlighten us in the comments). To me,  as I came back into the press conference half-caring, The Crew comes off as an incredible mash-up of MMO and Burnout Paradise (which I haven’t played but our EiC Chris won’t stop talking about). I do enjoy a good racing game but have remained unmoved by recent racing game releases. The Crew is, as of now, on my list of games I need to play next-gen.

watch-dogs-logo-e3Next was a game we know has been coming and yes, we’re still hella excited for, Watch_Dogs. Although I do dislike the underscore, but whatever. I kept telling Chris that Adrein, Adrian, Adrien, whatever, is an assassin and Watch_Dogs is an Assassin’s Creed crossover. A cloaked figure that can kick ass with superior technology and fighting capabilities? Assassin. This game looks better every time Ubisoft shows it off. Also to note that all three of these games showed off tablet/smart phone apps that interacted with your game in some way. The Crew allowed you to customize your car from the app, Watch_Dogs allowed a little bit of extra help and the next game went all out.


The DivisionThe Division story shined in it’s brilliance of originality. The Division’s story should send a shiver down anyone’s spine, not just American’s and their Black Friday extravaganza. After being captivated by the story as it unfolded in the trailer, Ubisoft did what everyone truly wants from game reveals, they gave us gameplay. We saw as a team of four battled it out with other players in a third-person shootout. As we watched the teams exchange gun fire, Austin, LevelSave’s Reviews Editor, noticed as the player in the airborne unit was marked “tablet,” signifying that the unit was being played by someone on a tablet, not even on a console.

I was giving Ubisoft crap in the beginning of their conference. I even tweeted some jokes at their expense. But at the end, they shut me up. Now that everything has been said and done from the major conferences of this E3, Ubisoft is publishing the three games that I am most interested in playing. I’m sorry, Ubi.

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  • Don’t forget The Stick of Truth.
    Final Fantasy 7 + Paper Mario + South Park
    I just wish they would have shown more.

    I know South Park doesn’t have the fanbase it did 5 years ago and the game is only releasing current gen but i think Ubisoft(and THQ before) is undercutting the games potential. I just hope they ramp up marketing as we get closer to release.

    • Stick of Truth is one of those games mentioned in the article that we’ve known about for sometime and well, I’m kinda getting tot he point where I’m not that interested anymore. But that’s just me. But you’re right, Ubisoft definitely needs to talk about it more.

  • Gotta say, The Division has been the most impressive demo/trailer that I’ve seen yet. And not just out of ubi’s increasingly impressive roster. The story, the map, the co-op, the dude that shows up from some electronic devise and brings air support, and the honing proxy mine, all got me pretty excited and intrigued. And it’s just gorgeous. So far best in show for me

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