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Titanfall DLC Wishlist – Hacking, Cores and More

Written by Barry Villatoro

There’s at least three DLC packs coming for Titanfall that we know of. They should be falling onto your platform (nope, shoot me) spring, summer and fall of this year. You can guarantee there will be maps as part of these DLC packs. I am quite okay with this, though. The level design in Titanfall is some of the best I’ve seen in an FPS, not to mention it’s just perfect for the mobility of the game. But what I’m hoping for is a little change, a little spice added to an already incredibly fun game.

Titanfall HackingHacking and Counter-Hacking – You know, one of my favorite things to do in Titanfall is hack. For whatever reason, I get a kick out of it. Adding support to my team is a way I’ve always played multiplayer games. So, every time the opportunity to hack a spectre or even better, an auto-turret appears, I take it. And if you’ve played Titanfall for sometime, there’s a good chance you’ve obtained the Double Agent burn card. This card keeps opposing spectres, auto-turrets and auto-titans from engaging you. Two out of the three of the aforementioned enemies you can hack, one, you cannot. Yes, I’d like the ability to hack an opposing player’s auto-titan.

Adding this aspect of hacking into Titanfall leads into more options for the attacking player and even the player who owns the auto-titan, through more DLC. We’ve all used and had the electric smoke used on us. Now what if there was a another option available, say a computer program. It could be a kit you can select for your titan. It would allow you the ability to use, say, an electric jolt to knock of an enemy pilot who is performing a rodeo on you. Also, this ability can also be used by your auto-titan to prevent it from being hacked or destroyed via rodeo. To keep it from being OP, it does no damage.

To continue briefly with the hacking theme; Give players the ability to also shield auto-turrets from being hacked. The Icepick is a unlock that allows you to hack spectres and auto-turrets in an extremely short amount of time. Let’s add another Icepick type unlock that takes the same amount of time to hack as the default data knife, but this one shields other players from hacking the auto-turret. The only way to stop the auto-turret now is to destroy it, which really isn’t hard for a titan.

titanfall execute pilotNew Cores – The cores that are currently in Titanfall are great and super useful, let’s add some more. Off the top of my head, I can think of a couple that may be interesting. Something like a ‘Destruction Core,’ this core would give your titan the ability to punch straight through a titan’s cockpit and pull the pilot out on the first shot. But, it takes so much power to generate that kind of force, that you only get one use. After you kill a titan with that core, the core then goes offline. Could be interesting for a game of Last Titan Standing. You’re a Stryder running up to an Ogre titan and have used the burn card that gives you a core as soon as you enter your titan, the Ogre thinks it will run through you until you kill the pilot with one punch.

Titanfall Massive Payload

How about the ‘Massive Payload’ core? We’ve seen the Massive Payload burn card, what if this core allows you to prematurely eject while setting off a massive payload? “Payload Core Online.” You then run straight at two enemy titans and set yourself off and watch the fireworks from the sky.

Changing Cores – While I’ve heard that having a Stryder with a damage or shield core would be OP, but what if an Ogre could have a dash or damage core? Just as OP, right? So would that be a balance? Also, it seems as if much of Titanfall’s balancing comes from the fact that no matter how OP something seems, there’s a way around it. Players are upset about the ability to look through walls, well, you can’t see cloaked players even when they’re almost touching you while using that ability. The same could be said for the ability to change cores. Stryder has a shield core? Well, here’s an Ogre with a damage core. Not to mention any number of new cores that could be added and then changed out.

New modes – There’s a good amount of modes in Titanfall right now, but what else can we think of? Well one that came immediately to mind would something similar to what we’ve heard from Turtle Rocks’ new game, Evolve. Maybe two titans vs four pilots. I think 3v3 would lend itself an advantage to the titans and that one titan vs five pilots is obvious doom for the titan. Maybe there could be a horde or firefight style mode? One where you can manually set-up auto-turrets or even have the ability to call in a certain number of grunts/spectres.

Titanfall_electric_smokeNew abilities – This kind of goes with the hacking abilities I talked about earlier, but not as specific to a certain act. There’s a number of new abilities I’d love to see in Titanfall. An ‘EMP Ejection,’ for one. But let’s keep it from doing what an EMP should and focus it’s effects a little more. It won’t cause any damage, but what it would be useful for is shutting down the abilities of enemy pilots and enemy titans affected by it. No cloak, no stim, no particle walls, etc. All gone for a specified amount of time. Have wider radius than the massive payload, but again, it does no damage.

One that could add extra mobility to pilots, the ability to create your own ziplines and have them stay there. So it can be a huge bonus when used right. Sneak up on a pilot, hard point, flag or even use to drop onto an enemy titan. But beware because the zipline you used is now available for enemy pilots to use.

Electric smoke grenades anyone? Give pilots the ability to smoke out a room with electric smoke, but make the area-of-effect as small as a regular grenade and have the smoke dissipate fairly quickly. That way it’s more of a distraction, than a weapon. Similar to the arc grenade it can kill you, but only if you’ve already taken damage.

That’s not everything that I can think of, but much of what I can. What are you looking forward to besides more maps in the upcoming Titanfall DLC?

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