The Art of Hard Reset: A Visual Journey

Written by Raven Poplar

Hard Reset is a single-player FPS about a dystopian, cyberpunk future in which machines, out of control and rampaging, ravage the city-scape. There is an upcoming free downloadable expansion to the game, entitled Hard Reset: Exile, hitting digital distributors in the next couple of weeks which adds to the experience of the game and pits you against even bigger, tougher baddies.

Ramping up to this release, we are getting a free artbook which details everything from the environments to the characters and enemies. I’ve flipped through it and the HD images spanning the digital download cover some of the story and do a really great job of propagating the feel of the game. With images which range in style from the comic-book story sequences to CG renderings of certain aspects of the game, this is a beautiful look into the gloomy and dangerous world of Major Fletcher.

You can download The Art of Hard Reset: A Visual Journey for free from their Google Drive, Zippyshare, Mediafire, and their own official torrent.

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