Play Star Citizen Free Until March 20th

Written by James Rock

If you were anywhere last PAX East, you were at the Star Citizen live event, or at least watching it. No, I’m not talking about this years expo, I am talking about PAX East 2014. You know the one, loud drunk guys yelling at Chris Roberts to fly into the earth mining lasers. Yeah, that live event! How could you forget? If you are anything into the idea of space simulators and the fact you can explore space like I am, you are super stoked for this game. If you are super stoked like I am, then you are in complete luck because you can play for free until March 20th, 2015 just by entering a simple code that was given on the SXSW showroom floor.

The pass will grant you access to download and install the game to play the Star Citizen’s Arena Commander module under the Free Flight and Vanduul Swarm game modes. This also grants you access to the Hornet F7C ship for flight.


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