Is @CallofDuty Having A Creative Blast With Their Tweets?

Written by James Rock

Earlier today CallOfDuty’s Twitter had a weird sense of reflection of people not showing up for work after partying all night; seems like Deja Vu of what you go through every day, right?

Maybe and followers though it was an accidental Tweet by and Activision employee reflecting on their bad day at work. but just moments before that Tweet, the official Twitter account of the Call of Duty series posted this:

A lot of people who follow the account are taking this as an mistaken tweet from one of the Activision Social Media Managers, but it looks like Atlas is doing a little spying on Subject ID: 2212225.

It seems that this is a normal, but far from normal, occurrence on the Call of Duty Twitter account as some people commented “here we go again” and “oh boy” to the first tweet mentioning the “Atlas Monitoring Software”, suggesting this has happened before— not with the word “jerkasses” though. Is Activision planning on releasing some sort of easter egg or hint into the next DLC drop? Will BurgerTown be making a comeback to Advanced Warfare? Who knows, but I would love to see that happen.

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