Gran Turismo 6 – Final Trailer Released

Written by Nelson Hernandez

In case you missed it, Gran Turismo 6 has a release date: December 6, 2013.  The long running and immensely successful franchise is introducing its sixth installment exclusively to the PlayStation 3 (there is no announced port for PlayStation 4 at this time).  As we’re only a month away, Kazunori Yamauchi — race car driver and Gran Turismo producer — posted the final trailer for GT6 on his Twitter account.

The trailer shows off the stunningly beautiful cars and scenery that I’ve come to expect from the Gran Turismo series.  For those that are petrol-heads, there are some real treats in terms of the cars showcased in this final trailer.  Some of the highlights for me were: The Nissan experimental Le Mans prototype ZEOD RC, Pagani Huayra, KTM Crossbow, Bugatti Veyron, the legendary F1 designer Adrian Newey and the Moon Rover.  The number of “Premium” models, which are beautiful, lovingly recreated, ultra-high poly-count models, looks to have increased dramatically and if you checked out GT Academy 2013 you know you can expect an all new and upgraded game engine that will provide a more accurate and realistic driving experience.  The rendering of the backgrounds, lighting effects and particle effects all appear to have been improved, moving the series even closer to the photo-realistic mark.  After watching this trailer, I’m definitely excited for game’s upcoming release.

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    • Yes, I just assume it’s going to look spectacular when Polyphony Digital is working on something. These days it’s all Gran Turismo and it’s obvious the studio has immense passion for that series.

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