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Gears of War Judgements New Trailer Shows Some Guts, Announces Preorder Bonus

Gears of war Judgement
Written by Austin Griffith

Epic and People Can Fly have released the next trailer for the upcoming Gears of War: Judgement, detailing a new Smart Spawn System (S3 for short), a new ‘declassified’ mission objective for the campaign, the new “Rager” enemy, as well as a few other kick-ass looking things. I’ve always been a fan of Gears of War, so this trailer has me even more pumped then I already was.

Epic also announced that those who purchase Gears of War: Judgement new will recieve a code to download the original Gears of War from Xbox Live (except in Germany, due to rating restrictions). They stated that only around a third of players who had played Gears 3 had actually ever played Gears of War, something which is now being addressed.

Gears of War: Judgement releases March 17th for Xbox 360.

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