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Gamers Worldwide, Welcome the Xbox One and Playstation 4

Written by Barry Villatoro

The launch of both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 have come to pass. With the Wii U already launched, we are officially in the next generation of gaming. Apparently gamers all over the world were ready and willing to jump head first into the new generation.

Last Friday, November 15th, the Playstation 4 took center stage in the world of gaming. Within the first 24 hours of the Playstation’s 4 launch, it had sold one million consoles. This is an absolutely insane number. Sometimes, depending on the franchise, when a game sells one million copies, it’s considered a success. This is a freaking $400 console selling one million units and in 24 hours! Congratulations to Sony, this is huge as it’s the biggest platform launch of their history.

Now, we’re just 24 hours removed of the launch of the Xbox One. The Xbox One had some PR problems leading up to their launch. But, even if people call them by “Micro$oft,” they are not afraid to answer to the demands of their community. After answering to the call of the community and then being made fun of by answering that call (logic), Microsoft seems to have pulled off a great launch as well. Microsoft has also sold one million units of the Xbox One. There are 2 million incredibly (hopefully) happy gamers in the world as I write this.

Now to be absolutely clear, the launches of these two systems are not the same. You may read that both companies sold one million units, but that doesn’t equal out as you might imagine. The Playstation 4 sold one million units in North America (United States and Canada) alone. The Xbox One has sold one million units in 13 countries. Just stating a fact.

Don’t get me wrong, these numbers for Sony and Microsoft are both an amazing feat. Also, my point here is not to drag the stupid console war into something meaningful, because it never will be. Let’s face it, the only people that win during a console war are the gamers, so yay for us. I’m just pointing out how ready we were for the next generation, even though we may have not even realized it.

There are so many top-of-their-game developers out there, that they kept many of us beyond content. Their ability to master the hardware of both consoles and churn out games like The Last of Us and Halo 4 near the end, is incredible. These developers are working with the same hardware that the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 launched with, and they have mastered their art. We can only imagine what many of these astonishingly talented people will be able to do 5-8 years from now with these two new titans.

My main point is to show how great the gaming community is as a whole. We (well, most of us) disregard race, religion, creed, backgrounds, ethnicities, just to get together and enjoy what we all have in common, a love of gaming. While, yes, there are those gamers out there displaying their console colors, as it were. It doesn’t matter, we’re all part of the bigger ecosystem that we love.

Many of you, like me, have been gamers since you were of wee age. You have played through so many console lifetimes, been a part of so many launches and watched as the gaming community grew. It has grown into something so great and that I’m so happy to be able to take part in.

Whether you prefer Xbox or Playstation, it’s just a matter of opinion. We all love the same thing. We love being gamers, we love being a part of this community and we welcome the Xbox One and Playstation 4 with open arms.

Source – Xbox.com and Playstation.com

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  • This article is the best. Its too bad that most sites seem to be doing the opposite and writing with the intent of throwing fuel on the fire.

    Lets all be friends!

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