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Destiny Post-E3 Screenshot Analysis

Written by Austin Griffith

Bungie has just recently released a boatload of new Destiny screenshots showing off what we saw during their E3 Presentation, I figured I’d take the time to break down what some of them are for the uninitiated. Clicking on any screenshot will give you the full-size HD version.


Here we see a member of the “Awoken”. The Awoken are a species in Destiny. They have been called “beautiful” and “exotic” by Bungie. The Awoken were based on the mythos of Elves, Vampires, Ghosts, and Angels. This screenshot also gives us the possibility of removing our helmets in game. Will we be able to build our Guardians faces? This scene was taken from a cutscene from the games story, so it’s not a definitive yes or no yet.

– – –


Here we see the “Cabal”. The Cabal are a species of enemies in Destiny. They are large tank like enemies that use heavy weapons to fight. They are much larger and stronger than humans, and use weapons and ships to fit there size. Right now we only know that they preside on Mars (as we can see in this picture) and guard the weapon “Thorn”. Whether or not that will appear on other planets remains to be seen.

– – –


This is a “Devil Walker” (commonly known as Spider Tank). It has a large cannon on top that fires high explosive rounds, and two small plasma cannons on the bottom that fire charged rounds of plasma (similar to a spartan laser) and one that fires short machine gun rounds.


– – –

Destiny_19   Here we see two shots of Old Russia and it’s great wall. At one point you will be able to go through the wall, as we saw in the demo. From what we saw in that demo there are also members of the Fallen residing in and around Old Russia, including inside the wall.


– – –

Here are the rest of the pictures Bungie has released, there are far too many to analyze, but they’re all worth looking at. With over 40 new shots in total, Bungie is really blowing the whole media blackout thing out of the water. We really went from no information to total information in a matter of weeks. Destiny is already forming up to be game of the year material, even though the game hasn’t been released yet and the year it’s releasing hasn’t even started.



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  • I still think this game looks a bit soft, and weak……a bit like Galo! I really hope it will be something awesome and not childish and pathetically stupid like Galo! Jury is DEFINITELY out.

  • Sweet :D I hadnt put some of these together so this was pretty helpful

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