Capcom on the Street Fighter x Tekken Online Issues

Written by Barry Villatoro

A statement was released yesterday on the Capcom-Unity blog stating that the reason  for the online issues of lag and sound interruption is the netcoding of the game. The netcoding was created to offer a smoother online experience (lag) but in effect the game has to let go of sound at certain points in order to make this happen. Capcom stated that the  netcoding of SFxT differs from that of Street Fighter IV because of the amounts of data that is being shared, they needed to create a new netcoding, thus leading to the problems they’re having.

So when you’re losing the sound in game, the servers are severing it in order to create a smoother game. A ” very complicated and difficult balancing act” is how it is described. Also it’s stated that they are currently working towards a solution.

We would like everyone to know that the development team is currently looking at various ways to improve the sound issues. We will have additional updates on this and other things soon, so please stay tuned.

Hopefully they can get this fixed and fast. A game that hinges so heavily on community and online play will suffer greatly if it’s not fixed quickly. Let’s hope for the players, they can get this solved.

Source – [Capcom-Unity]

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