Broforce is my kinda awesome

Written by Chris Lock

The past couple years have been slick with irony. Everywhere you look people are doing things they do not really enjoy for indecipherable reasons. Over time this has slowly evolved into an unironic appreciation of the ironic; this may or may not itself be ironic. In more succinct terms, the irony has backfired and made me personally, enjoy what are objectively the dumbest things. That is why, when I received an email informing me of the existence of a game called Broforce I already knew I was in love.

So what is Broforce? Well plainly it is a Sidescrolling Shoot ’em Up with destructible environments rife with patriotic satire and bro puns. If that is not enough to get you excited then I do not think we can be friends. It also features 4 player online co-op, a level editor, and a character named Brobocop. Just watch this video and tell me you are not wholly invested.


Apparently Broforce has been in alpha for quite some time on Steam. However, recently being accepted as part of Steam Greenlight has pushed it into the limelight. Early Access to the game is available for $15. The game will be seeing monthly updates up to and following its “summer” release. The updates will add new stages, new bosses, new characters, and “even coconuts.” If you need to be convinced you can play the Brototype right here.

Follow the developers here: @Free_Lives or Facebook.com/Freelives

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