Cliff Bleszinski Planning to Open His Own Studio

Written by Austin Griffith

In a recent interview with G4TV, Bleszinski, most known for his work on the Gears of War Franchise as well as the face of Epic Games, has stated that he’s considering forming his own studio, with a new IP he’s codenamed “Bluestreak” after the Transformer.

Bleszinski had been with Epic Games for 20 years, beginning work with them when he was only 17 years old, after his recent marriage, he left the industry for what we believed to be permanent, luckily, it appears that’s not true. ” It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when and with who.” Bleszinski told G4TV. His philosophy for a studio is to allow developers to “pan for gold” and have a free and open workspace to build there ideas, something only a man with Bleszinski’s mindset – and wallet – would be able to accomplish.

One thing certainly is for sure, whenever Cliff’s studio becomes a reality, there’s going to be a bidding war for the publishing rights, and I’ll certainly be buying anything that comes out of it.

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  • I played the first two Gears of War games and wasn’t really a big fan of them. Unreal Tournament 2004, on the other hand, is what got me into heavy gaming, I hope that wherever he goes he continues to create gold.

      • Back when I was still big in the Xbox Canada community, Microsoft sent me Gears 1+2 and all the DLC. I played through a mission or two of Gears 1 and half of Gears 2 and couldn’t play any longer. I found them both to be extremely boring and the controls clunky. I have been thinking of getting Gears 3 because I kinda enjoyed the beta but it hasn’t been cheap yet.

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