Arkane Studios and id Software working on Next-Gen Projects

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Written by Barry Villatoro

Arkane Studios is currently looking to hire members to join their next-gen development team. The studio that brought us Dishonored is currently at work on a next-gen game. As stated on Bethesda’s blog,

While we can’t talk about what’s on the horizon, we wanted to let prospective game developers know that they’re already building up their team for the next project.

Arkane Studios, based in Austin, Texas, has over 10 new positions open for their next project. They have not revealed or even hinted at what their next project is or what platform it is for, yet. They are looking for everything from Senior Gameplay Engineer to Lead Tech Engineer. In case you’re on the other side of the Atlantic, there are a couple of positions open up of there as well.

Arkane Studios has recently finished the Dishonored: Game of the Year edition which is out in October. It includes all of the DLC that has come out along the life of Dishonored.

Not only is Arkane Studios looking for people to join their next-gen project, but id Software, the studio that has brought you, Quake, Doom and more recently Rage, has positions open for work on their next project. They are looking for Environment Concept Artist,Physics & Simulation Programmer and Design Director.

This is the only information we have on this story at this time. Two of Bethesda’s studios are building their teams for their next projects that will coming to the next-gen systems. We can only speculate at to what these might be. New IP’s maybe? Or is it more likely that they’ll bring back one of their franchises? Next-gen Wolfenstein perhaps? We can only wait and see. We’ll bring you any more information we find out about Arkane Studios and id Software’s next-gen projects.

You can get more info over at Bethesda’s Blog and check out the job listings for Arkane Studios and id Software here.

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