Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Launches its Kickstarter Campaign

akaneiro : demon hunters
Written by Barry Villatoro

In development by Spicy Horse, creators of Alice : Madness Returns, Akaneiro : Demon Hunters is an action role-playing game for PC. The world and art of Akaneiro is “inspired by Japanese themes and the Red Riding Hood tale.” Different from other Kickstarter campaigns, this product already exists. Why the Kickstarter then? To make the game bigger and better, basically. Another one of the reason for the Kickstarter is to obtain the funds to make Android/iOS tablet/phone versions. Akaneiro will be free-to-play with money coming in from cosmetic purchases players can make. The business model of Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, mentioned in a press release, is below.

  • The game will be free to play
  • There will be a number of free maps players can play
  • The exact number of free maps will be determined in the upcoming open beta
  • Additional content will be available for purchase
  • This additional content can also be purchased by accruing the in-game currency, karma
  • Other items for sale will be cosmetic items and karma packs

A beta for Akaneiro has also opened up recently. So, go check it out and if it’s something you really enjoy check out their Kickstarter page here.

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