Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Gets DLC & A Purchasable Soundtrack

akaneiro : demon hunters
Written by James Pope

The team over at Spicy Horse is announcing the second piece of additional content for the extremely well received Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. This time players are being taken into a mysterious realm of Bloodfang Fort. Showing itself as one of the premier action RPGs available for the mobile platforms, Akaneiro is proving to its fans that they are going to continue to support their title. The team has already announced the 1st piece of content to be released, Bloodfang Cemetery and with this most recent announcement it proves the team is staying focused on this game and its players.

 Bloodfang Fort will take its challengers into this once thriving temple. The infamous Bloodfang werewolf clan has taken down the holy men that used to rule this temple however, upon their rotten corpses new deadly and crude fortifications have been erected and its up to the player to foil the plan of the newly cemented Demon King. While there is not a current release date for the new content those interested can download the soundtrack from Amazon Stay tuned to LevelSave for more news and content on the game as it is released.

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