What’s Coming to The Division – E3 2016

Written by Philip Paverd

Ubisoft talked about the new Underground DLC, which takes players underground through randomly generated missions. Underground releases June 28 XBOX and PC, and early August for PS4. Undergroud is a paid DLC, but is included in the season pass.
Ubisoft also announced that Division players would receive free outfits in celebration of their 30th birthday. The outfits are based on the the other Ubisoft games Rainbow 6, Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon. To receive the outfits you have to be a member of Ubisoft Club.
Ubisoft also revealed more about the Survival DLC. Players crash land in a new area and fight waves of enemies, and what appeared to be Rogue Division Agents among other bosses. Survival is also a paid DLC, and is included in the season pass.

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