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Ubisoft Unveils Rainbow 6’s Return in Siege

Written by Taryn Beach

In the last generation of consoles, there was one first person shooter that absolutely consumed me: Rainbow 6 Vegas.  I devoted hours upon hours to that game.  I made friends over PlayStation Network as we played against and killed each other in multiple  free-for-all Survival matches.  You can imagine my delight when Ubisoft showed off a multiplayer alpha demo of Rainbow Six Siege.

The demo displayed a lot of the cool next-gen tricks that developers are incorporating into their games including destructible environments.  The demo follows the infiltration team trying to rescue a hostage from the terrorists.  They use specialized siege charges to create doors in walls and create a tactical advantage as they fight to reach and exfil the VIP.  At one point they use one of those specialized explosive devices to blow a hole through the ceiling and rain lead down upon their enemies.

Throughout the mission players look to have access to a variety of gadgets to perform reconnaissance and place explosives.  The gameplay looked quick and smooth, especially for an alpha as we watched the entire multiplayer match play out for us.  Although I expect there to be a variety of multiplayer modes in the finished product, the demo illustrated that the game type shown limited each player to one life each, which adds additional tension to the match and places more emphasis on cooperation between teammates.  I can’t wait to find out more about Rainbow Six Siege and we’ll be more than happy to bring it to you as we learn more.

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