‘Till Death do us Part: IGF partners with Microsoft for XBL Indie Placement Slots

Written by Quaisha T


With the 2012 Independent Games Festival in North America , 14th Annual, coming around the corner on March 5 – 9th in San Francisco, California, it’s no wonder IGF wants to spice things up and give more resources to entrants and winners for their wonderful games. Recently announced on IGF.com, IGF is partnering with Microsoft Studios on a multi-year contract for Xbox Live Arcade publishing benefits.

These ‘benefits’ will provide new notable prize opportunists for IGF entrants including guaranteed first-party publishing deals to release selected titles on Microsoft Live-enabled platforms and funding the full game to complete the title. The ‘XBL Prize’ adds to an already impressive roster of prizes at the 2012 IGF, which includes $60,000 cash prizes and showcasing over 30 finalists on the GDC 2012 show floor in March.

IGS or Independent Games Summit, part of GDC 2012, takes place alongside IGF at the Moscone Center in San Francisco March 5-9th 2012. For more information please visit Game Developers Conference official website and Independent Games Festival official website for lists of entrants, events, and other goodies.

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