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Sunset Overdrive releasing October 28th, Featuring Explosions Galore and More

Written by Austin Griffith

Sunset Overdrive had a new trailer at todays E3 2014 briefing, showing a spunky young man welcoming us to spectacular “Sunset City” where a contaminated energy drink was turned everyone in to mutants.

There are monsters and mutants, as well as survivors that are both helping and hurting the enemies.

The trailer made fun of all the stereotypical gaming tropes, ending with “Can you save Sunset City? Of course you can. It’s a fucking video game!”

Ted Price then took the stage to discuss character custimizations and gameplay, then showing off a live demo, where bandits and mutants have taken over an amusement park, leaving you to take back control of it. The game had a third person shooter meets Sonic the Hedgehog feel, as the hero was never slowing down and constantly girding around the rails of the game. Sunset Overdrive looks to be a game that knows not to take itself too seriously, which is something we need in the industry,

Huge explosions, heaps of orange blood, and giant mushroom clouds with “BOOM” superimposed on them make Sunset City a place I can’t wait to visit.

Chaos Squad, the 8 player cooperative mode that will run on dedicated servers, was also teased.

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