SNOW Is Bringing Winter Sports To Your PC

Written by Branden Wilson

Winter sports have long been a favorite pastime for many people in the world and now that experience is being brought to the PC with stunning realism. Poppermost Productions is bringing SNOW the game to us using the amazing cryENGINE 3 and the most impressive part of it all is that they have done so with just a three person team. SNOW is a free-to-play open-world winter sports title that will grant players access to a massively realized mountain which they are free to explore at their leisure. Single and multi-player options are available as well as the ability to freely roam the landscape as much as you want. Tournaments and challenges will be at the players disposal and will serve to unlock upgraded equipment and attire that can be purchased in the in-game store. SNOW will feature more than a dozen real-world brands as well as winter sports athletes to make this experience something altogether special.

SNOW the Game Logo

Poppermost Productions will be showing this new title off at the upcoming Gamescom to those who are interested in seeing what this ambitious title has to offer. Will this title be a smash hit with winter sports enthusiasts? Can it reach an even wider audience? Stay tuned to Levelsave for the answers to this and more as new information becomes available. Trailers, screens and more news on SNOW can be found on the games official website. 

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