Papers, Please Creator is Working on a new Game – Return of the Obra Dinn

Written by Chris Lock

Lucas Pope, creator of the wonderful Papers, Please, has a new project in the works. The new game, Return of the Obra Dinn, is still a long way from completion but Mr. Pope’s previous game and the one image already has me excited.

In Obra Dinn you play as an insurance adjustor for the East India Company. In 1802 a ship named the Obra Dinn set sail towards the Cape of Good Hope. It missed it arrival time and was said to be lost at sea. Six years later the boat floats into harbor, damaged and crewless. It is you job to get aboard and assess the ship for your company.

On its surface this seems like a rather bland premise; so did Papers, Please.

The developer is trying to capture the art style of old Apple Computers, specifically the black and white 1-bit rendering. It may be hard to do the entire game in shades of gray but I have faith it can be done.

For more information you can read his full post or follow Lucas on Twitter.



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