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New NieR Title Announced//Square Enix E3 2015

Newly announced at the Square Enix E3 event, a  new sequel for an 5 year old cult hit is coming to the Playstation 4.

Developed by Platinum Games in collaboration with Square Enix, the new sequel for NieR has been long awaited. It has been five years  since the last NieR game and it has culminated anticipation for the upcoming title.


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Square Enix has reached out to  Platinum Games to add new action elements to the franchise. Best known for Bayonetta, Platinum will not disappoint to introduce that action that the NieR develops want.

Official title of the game will be released Fall 2015. Moon face man thanks all the fans for their support.

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More details as E3 continues on LevelSave.

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