Mega Pokemon: Now With More Digimon

Written by Chris Lock

CoroCoro, a Japanese magazine that is synonymous with Pokemon reveals, has just revealed something. The reveal was the introduction of Mega Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y which are basically lateral evolutions of Pokemon into a more powerful form, with 70’s Hair Band toupees. The Pokemon “Mega Evolve” during battle and can only do so when holding a “Mega Stone.” It is not yet known how you obtain, use, or even what a Mega Stone is, yet. The next issue of CoroCoro is rumored to feature more information on the process as well as more Mega Evolutions.

Pokemon that are confirmed to have Mega Forms include Mewtwo, Lucario, Blaziken, Absol, Mawile, and Apharos. Each new Pokemon has a unique ability, such as Lucario having Adaptability, as well as increased stats. Not all Pokemon will have a Mega Form, but the hope is every starter, not just Blaziken, will have sweet metal hair as well. There will also be a gym leader that will play some role in your use of the Mega Evolutions, her name is Koruni.

So with all that information out of the way, and the pictures firmly in your browser, what do you think? I am all for seeing new versions of some old favorites but it does have a distinct Digimon vibe. Pokemon has always featured softer, more childlike wonder, to their design, while Digimon aggressively targeted the teenagers around the world. Offering up more anthropomorphic animals and sharp pointy things; Digimon always exuded an edge of cool that Pokemon stayed away from. But with the inclusion of these Mega Evolutions it seems as though Pokemon is going after that Digimon crowd.

So what do you think? Is GameFreak going after the teen crowd? Who would you like to see a Mega Evolution form of? Who would win in a fight, Mewtwo of Wargreymon? Let us know in the comments.

Source – [Serebii]

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