Louvre 3DS Tour Now Available

Written by Matt Curione

Ever want to visit Paris and appreciate the multitude of fine art on display in the Louvre but can’t afford the trip? Well now you can go there anytime you want, provided of course that you have a Nintendo 3DS and access to the eShop.

louvreAvailable today for $19.99, Louvre 3DS offers a virtual tour of the world famous museum with over 600 photographs of artwork and 30+ hours of audio commentary. Originally designed and conceived as a replacement for standard audio tours at the museum, Louvre 3DS allows anyone to take a tour regardless of their location. The included 3D rendered models of some of the artwork looks to be a godsend for the art buff out there.

So, if you’re like me and have never had the opportunity to peruse this fantastic gallery of art and don’t feel like dropping $1000 on a plane ticket to Paris, get on the eShop now and check it out. This app looks truly impressive.

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