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Liveblog: Microsoft’s E3 2013 Press Conference

Written by Austin Griffith

And here… we… go… Keep refreshing this page to see more on the Xbox One as it happens, and keep your eyes on our Twitter for more updates.

12 17 – Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has said there will not be much Kinect here at the event. Kinect Sports Rivals was announced for Holiday 2013 on the pre-show.

12 25 Five minutes!

13 30 Its now beginning.

12 33 Slight delay. The conference will begin momentarily.

12 36 Konami is showing a guy riding a horse. “Join up with miller”. “First we need to save Miller, he’s in Afghanistan… you’re a legend in the eyes of those who live on the battlefield.” This looks great. Not sure if prerendered or InEngine, who knows.

12 38 Wow, this is definitely In Engine. Metal Gear Solid goes Open World. “A new breed of Stealth” “Realtime Weather” “Various modes of transportation” so far we’ve seen horses, cars, tanks, all in Afghanistan. This looks pretty amazing. “Tactical Espionage Redefining” This looks really good. This looks prerendered and it’s completely In Engine.

12 40 First Metal Gear Solid on Xbox, correct? “Kaz Miller” ” A visionary robbed of his future”. The “Old Man” we saw at Sony’s PS4 conference was this games “Code Talker”.


12 42 Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain is confirmed or the Xbox One.

12 42 Don Mattrick and Hideo Kojima are talking about MGS5 for Xbox One. “Xbox One will make metal gear shine with its unique power.”

12 43 “As we’ve been promising, it’s ALL about the games. 13 Next Generation Titles you’ll find only on Xbox One” so 7 of them will be both consoles? He’s showing us first what will be coming to Xbox 360.

12 44 Yusuf is taking the stage.

12 45 the Xbox 360 is getting a modern look and feel to fit with the Xbox One. It is smaller, sleeker, and quieter. All available starting today.

12 46 Xbox Gold members receive two free game downloads per month. Halo 3 and Assassin’s Creed 2 are starting it off. Fable 3?

12 47 Take that PlayStation Plus!

12 47 World of Tanks is coming exclusively to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. I’m assuming as a Free to Play.

12 48 “World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition” What about the Xbox One?

12 49 15 on 15 armored warfare. Deep integration with Xbox Live, to tuning specifically for the Xbox 360 Controller.

12 49 “Free to Play for Xbox Gold”

12 50 List of games coming to Xbox 360 this year – Max: The Curse of Brotherhood by Press Play Games. A story about a boy making his brother disappear. Looks like a fun puzzle platform. A bit child like, but my kind of game!

12 51 Dark Souls 2 is coming March 2014.


12 53 Everything from here on our is all for the Xbox One. Phil Spencer on the stage.

12 53 A new IP coming now to “Put us in the middle of an incredible period in history”

12 54 :There once was a shining city on seven hills, a place of beauty and freedom, then freedom became corruption, decadence, and degredation.”

12 55 Ryse: Son of Rome. “A brave man tastes death once, a coward? A dozen times over” this game looks great. Not sure if this is in engine or pre rendered. I’m hoping the first.

12 56 Definitely in engine gameplay. Looks amazing. A soldier with an arrow in his eye. Why not his knee?

12 58 This game looks amazing. Definitely want it. “Shields! Hold!”

12 58 Your army is taking an enemy’s tower. I love the idea of being a roman soldier. There is lot of quick time.

1 00 They have taken the tower and, in typical bad ass fashion, he did not look directly at the explosion.

1 01 Ryse Son of Rome is coming to Exclusively to Xbox One from Crytek and Microsoft Studios at launch.


1 02 Rare’s next game is Killer Instinct. Not Banjo-Kazooie :( “We listened. Killer Instinct is back”

1 03 Insomniac Games is making something for the Xbox One.

1 03 Sunset Overdrive is an openworld, living world game powered by the cloud.

1 04 Trailer on. Looks very cartoony and free running. Quite amazing, actually. This looks great. Vinyl Records as weapons, energy drinks as ammo? Love it.

105 Now another trailer. MacLaran cars? Forza 5?

1 06 There is a very expensive looking car on the stage. I’m not sure how this is going to help my gaming experience, I guess it’s just the wow factor. Forza 5 looks beautiful in engine. “With the power of Xbox One, we’ve transcended. The new generation is about capturing the details that make things real”

1 08 There is no more AI, now there is something called a “Driveatar” in the cloud that plays against you. These races learn from how you race. It logs and process how you race so that you can race against your friends, without even  playing. Your Driveatar races against the world when you work. This is a great case for the always online.

1 10 Everything we’re seeing in this trailer is in game and it looks prerendered. That’s how beautiful this generation is.

1 12 Phil Harrison is on stage to talk about indie games now.

1 13 Minecraft is coming to the Xbox One with bigger maps.

1 13 Minecraft Xbox One Edition – Bigger Maps, Bigger Multiplayer

1 14 Quantum Break is on stage now, creating a personalized version of the TV show. I’m not sure what this is getting at. Sounds like Defaince, but better? Now an actual in engine game. Our hero has survived a failed science experiment that broke down time causing it to stutter and freeze.


1 16 Looks like whatever he touches unfreezes from time. “Doctor I’m not going to hurt you but I can’t let you go”

1 17 D4 is coming to Xbox One by Access Games.

1 18 Project Spark looks like it’s a Windows 8 and/or Microsoft Surface game. Spark is a custom worldbuilding game for the Xbox One where you build on the Xbox with Kinect as well as Xbox Smartglass to build a world and create a game.

1 20 Project Spark allows you to build /anything/. you can MAKE your own games, worlds, and scenarios.

1 21 Project Spark looks like an open world game changing game. This looks sick, you can morph landscape, create new scenarios from your fingertips.


1 23 Project Spark will be available on Xbox One and Windows 8.

1 24 Marc Whitten taking the stage to show the next generation of Xbox Live. Game DVR, Smart Match, Broadcasting Games, more.

1 25 you can do almost anything on Xbox Smartglass. View a timeline for your game, compare stats, it’s kind of like Bungie.net on seteroids. The timeline changes dynamically. You can play one game while you wait for a match to start in another. It’ll pop up “your game is ready” and then you join seamless.

1 27 Upload Studio allows you to curate, edit, share, and publish games. You can record commentary on Kinect, put a skin on the game, and share it instantly. This looks awesome. I R A REAL UTUBER.

1 28 Xbox One also has a partnership with Twitch allowing you to stream your gameplay instantly. This looks amazing. I love it.

1 29 Xbox is officially moving from Microsoft Points to real money. An Xbox live Gold subscription can be shared to family members, most likely all on the same console.

1 31 Crimson Dragon is coming to Xbox One, even if they didn’t switch Microphones during the trialer.

1 33 Dead Rising 3 is being shown. Looks great, but for somereason the protaganist threw his only weapon. Using the power of the Xbox One, they’ve made a rich open world with no load screens. You can combine items together just like in other dead rising games.

1 36 “The world is filled with hundreds of weapons”. He just combined a chainsaw with a sledgehammer and cut a zombie in half. “Driving is a critical part of exploration, but zombies are still a threat.”


1 37 Smartglass allows you to call in suppert to help you out.

1 38 The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt will be coming to the Xbox One. Optional voice commands will be exclusive to the Xbox One as well as allowing it to come to the Xbox Smartglass. Not an exclusive, but exclusive options. They’re also showing gameplay running on the Xbox One. Looks beautiful.

1 41 Open World, Multi Region. This is unfortunately not exclusive to the Xbox One.

1 42 Battlefield 4 Gameplay is coming on. 60 FPS, uncut, dynamic gameplay.

1 43 Technical difficulties. He sounded really bummed. “I guess you’ll see it… later…”

1 44 Its on now. They’re in the Angry Sea on a battleship. The graphics look amazing. The UI looks very cleaned up. The ship just broke in half.

1 46  The video is very fuzzy, it seems like they had to stream it from somewhere else. We just saw him shoot the wheel of a jet to make it fall on enemies. The world is very destructible in typical battlefield fashion. You can now direct your squad on who to shoot at and where to go.


1 49 Battlefield 4 will also have exclusive “Second Assault” map pack DLC.

1 50 Something from an exclusive indie studio. Hand drawn art style, 2D platforming, great art. Looks like it’s all co-op. “Below”

1 51 Black Tusk studio is building an exclusive AAA title for Microsoft. There is a man rappeling down a building, attacking a security guard, all looks very Splinter Cell esque.

1 52 Another trailer. Robed man wlaking in the snow. Something is rising from the ground in front of him, he’s taking out a dog tag…



1 55 “A Halo FPS for a new generation of Xbox One” “For the first time on console, a Halo expierence that runs on a blistering 50 frames per second.” Halo 5 is coming 2014.

1 57 the Xbox One is launching this November for $499.

1 57 One more title for us… Titanfall. An always online mech game from Respawn Entertainment, the team that used to be Infinity Ward. Has mechs, parkour, jetpacks, guns, of course. Looks like it’s third person.


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