Just Cause 3 Collector’s Edition Grapples Into Your Wallet

Written by James T. George

The folks over at Square Enix have detailed some of the extra goodies coming in the collector’s edition of Just Cause 3 coming out this holiday season. Like many other collector’s editions, Just Cause 3 offers fans a replica item taken straight from the game. Of course that means a replica of the grappling hook will adorn gamer’s shelves, but that’s not all it comes with.


The Grapple, a map, and an artbook are included, among some other digital goodies.

The 15-inch replica grapple is accompanied by a large map of Medici, the 400 square mile playground the game is set in, as well as an art book and a day 1 edition of the game itself. This version of the game has additional digital incentives like exclusive weaponized vehicles. The art book showcases some of the gorgeous concept art that inspired Medici, and the entire package will run players $109.99 come December 1, 2015 on the platform of your choice. Of course, you can always go to your favorite game retailer now and pre-order now.

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