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Secrets of Rætikon gravity gun
Written by Chris Lock

Secrets of Rætikon was recently released on steam and we reviewed it. Being that it is a game all about secrets we decided to put together something that helps those stuck on the secrets. Understand that by continuing to read you are spoiling the game for yourself. So turn back now if you want to enjoy the game the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

In an effort to better help you and to (let’s be honest) be more SEO friendly, we have written this tips post in the form of a FAQ. There a pictures to help where applicable.If we did not answer a question then leave it in the comments and we will try to help you there.

Q: Where can I find all the runes in Secrets of Rætikon?

A: They are strewn throughout the world in relatively easy to locate passages. Instead of giving you the locations, here is the translator.


Q: What are the Sproing and Cii statues for?

A: If you have not found them yet the Sproing and Cii statues are in the temple passage, to the left of a long drop. They are just beyond a hidden hallway; see the picture below. The statues themselves do nothing without finding the secret relics.


Q: Where are the secret relics in Secrets of Rætikon?

A: There are two secret relics. The first is in the area just after the relic drop-off zone. Go straight up and into a cavern on the left. Follow the path in that tunnel and on the left side you will find another hidden passageway. The first hidden relic is in there.

The second hidden relic is right above the last real relic. You get to this area by diving into the water in the lake area and heading right. You will enter a bird’s mouth and then need to head straight up from the original relic’s home to find the secret relic.

Secrets of Rætikon secret relic 2

Q: What do the two secret relics unlock in Secrets of Rætikon?

A: Gravity Gun.246680_2014-04-13_00002

Q: What are the blue collectables for in Secrets of Rætikon?

A: If you collect enough of them they will revive you if you die.

Q: Is it possible to win the final challenge?

A: It seems like it could be possible but only if you glitch the opponent. He seems to move far to fast to miss.

Secrets of Rætikon high scoreAny questions we did not answer you can leave in the comments.

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