Heists Coming to Grand Theft Auto V March 10, GTA V PC April 14th

Written by Austin Griffith

Rockstar Games announced today that the much anticiapted heists update will be hitting Grand Theft Auto V on March 10th, more than a year and a half since the games original launch. Grand Theft Auto V’s heists have been one of the most anticipated multiplayer feature of the game, and fans are more than ready to get their hands on them. While many (including myself) have been tough on Rockstar for missing their originally launch date by over a year, hopefully the time has given them the chance to polish them well beyond what we could ever expect.

Rockstar Games today also announced the release date for the much anticipated PC release of the game. Dropping April 14th, this masterfully crafted version of the game will feature heists and GTA Online support from day one and support a wide range of system specifications.

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