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Hands on with Mirrors Edge Catalyst – PAX East 2016

Written by Austin Griffith

The team at LevelSave had the opportunity to get our hands on Mirrors Edge Catalyst this weekend at PAX East in Boston.

While PC Editor Philip Paverd and Photographer Gevin Sweeney enjoyed their time with the game, I was less than impressed. Everything simply just felt to slow for my taste. Fighting, running, jumping, everything seemed bogged down. Even walking around when I was speaking was slightly too slow to be enjoyable. The section of the game we were given on the show floor was what I can assume was the very beginning of the game.

It began with us as Faith breaking out of the militaristic compound she was stuck in. I’m unforuntately not to familiar with the first Mirrors Edge so a lot of the story went right over my head. After we met our friend we learned how to fight, wall run, wall jump, and everything in between as we escaped. From what my guys told me the demo opened up to a cool free roam area after the tutorial, but I can’t say I made it that far.

It’s very rare that I put down a controller before finishing the game, but Mirrors Edge had no problem helping me do that. It just wasn’t fun. I finished the hellishly long tutorial and closed out my demo.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst was an unfortunately dull way to begin the conference, and my time with the demo took the game from a day one purchase to something I have no intent of getting my hands on again.

Gevin, Phil, and I spoke on our thoughts a few hours later. You can listen below


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