Review: Guncraft – Blocks And Guns Sound Fun… They Are Not

Written by Branden Wilson
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Guncraft Review 4Guncraft is an interesting game to play, let alone review. It is a game that I got early beta access to and also one that I kept my eye on from a distance. After getting my hands on the game and sinking my teeth deep into my Guncraft review… it appears that a distance might have been the best place to view this game from. The title is not without its good qualities, there are just not enough of them to keep me invested or to make me want to dump the number of hours into this title that it would take to enjoy a pleasurable experience. In concept Guncraft is a fantastic idea, a FPS/ World-Builder that allows you not only to create your own action packed levels but also create your own weaponry as well. Creation is designed after the smash-hit Minecraft and players are given a huge selection of materials to work with to design the levels of their dreams. In my time with the game I have seen Pirate ship levels, ancient pyramid levels and levels that would make hell itself proud. Levels are adorned with all kinds of great toys to play with as well, including mounted guns, speeder bikes, choppers and tanks. It is when these elements are put into play in the game itself where this title falls woefully short.

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In terms of the FPS genre this game is near the bottom of the heap. Gunplay is generic and characters are slain incredibly easily. Often only taking a shot or two before crumbling to the ground like the pile of blocks that they are. The maps in which I played seem to have two distinct sizes. One is giant, causing players to group in a certain area and kill each other over and over again until the clock mercifully hits 0:00.  Other maps are incredibly tiny and cause logjams around every corner making each respawn last a few short moments if your lucky or incredibly skilled. Guncraft does nothing to innovate the FPS genre that makes up the backbone of this title and because of that comes off very generic and lackluster.

It was certainly a noble idea to mix the two ultra-popular genres in an attempt to bring gamers together in one game, but the lack of overall execution did more to drive me away then it did to keep me interested. I was disappointed that I couldn’t find more to enjoy about this game because I wanted so much for this to bring life to the FPS genre that I have found stale for so many years. I wanted nothing more than to feel a desire to create levels and weapons that I could not only play in myself but could see and compete against others in, sadly that desire never came to fruition.

Guncraft Review

Guncraft is to me a prime example of what happens when a good idea meets poor execution. This is not the type of title that I would be willing or able to spend enough time with to truly get my moneys worth and for that very reason I couldn’t rightfully recommend that you spend yours trying to do so. While I am sure that this game will bring joy to many players in its community I just cant see myself in that fold. I was not able to play Guncraft for very long and to be fair I might not have given it the chance that some people feel it deserves. However, I know what I like when it comes to games… and this simply was not it.

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