Fallout 4? New Vegas 2? What is Bethesda Teasing…?

Written by Austin Griffith

Earlier today, Bethesda’s official vine account posted a very cryptic clip that has my head spinning. The video, shown below, shows barbed wire and a Bach Record titled “Air on G-string” Spinning. Now we have a few possibilities of what this could be…

  • Fallout 4. Fallout has always featured older records, but that would be kind of an obvious giveaway. We have a tweet from a member of Bethesda saying it isn’t Fallout, they could just be leading us astray though.. They also told us there weren’t any werewolves. We also see a record from “The Moonbeam Trio” that was recorded in the 20’s, which again, is the kind of thing we’d hear in a Fallout. Bethesda also announced the ending of support for Skyrim today. Maybe to move on to another project?
  • Fallout: New Vegas 2. This is kind of a stretch, but Air on G-String could be hinting at the clothing of a stripper, meaning the Vegas strip. Although we see an address for 420 Madison Street, New York, NY, so that’s probably not right.
  • A little-known Bethesda project titled Project Zwei. Project Zwei is a German name and Bach was a German composer, so it’s a possibility. Maybe they’d even have something to do with World War I, hence the barbed wire? The last update on the games website was over a month ago, but that at least shows its still a real project. Check it out here.
  • It could also be a new Wolfenstein game, as we saw a leak of information pointing at it being released in 2013 early in 2012.

Either way, we’ll find out soon enough. I’m hoping for a new Fallout, myself.

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