Exclusive Interview With Angel Stone, Cinematic Trailer Character Name Reveal

Written by James Rock

If you haven’t seen the recently released Angel Stone cinematic trailer, you’re missing out on two things. A stunningly unknown story beautified with top of the line renderings and our Angel Stone and Munitio giveaway (ending soon); both of which will blow you away. One thing that kept me going back to watch the cinematic trailer was the centerpiece of the trailer, the woman in black, yet her mystique was so far from being able to pinpoint (her back-story, who she is, and why she is there). The obvious fact is that the trailer nowhere represents the final game graphics. On a mobile platform, those renders are just not possible with the current generation of hardware, but our woman in black and her beauty is a force that cannot be reckoned with.


The given backstory (so far) released by Fincon is a game world that takes place during a post apocalyptic, dark, and grunge time. By prophecy, the angels would protect those who were elected from their “dark punishment”; the arising issue being who would protect the angels? Demons, hoards and swarms of them, have massacred and decimated them [the angels]. “Prayers to Guardian Angels have been replaced by bitter sobs and haunting screams.” The only hope lies in Michael, The Archangel, and a group of the last remaining human survivors. When the angels fall, they produce an “Angel Stone”, and this is the objective reason for the game. Collect the Angel Stones to absorb their inherited divine essence, and stop a primary evil from continuing to survive alongside you.


Today Jim, our Content Editor, and I are sitting down with Emilio “Milo” Villarruel at Fincon Studios out of Seoul, South Korea to find out a little bit more about this “woman in black” and dig into the struggle the post apocalyptic humans have faced collecting the Angel Stones. Fincon reveals to Levelsave.com the name of our mysterious character from the trailer.


[hero] [James] First off, I’d like to wish all of you a good afternoon and thank you for sitting down with Levelsave.com to discuss your upcoming game, “Angel Stone”. Angel Stone is releasing mid year 2015, hopefully with as much great success as Hello Hero. For our viewers at home, Hello Hero has a strong knitted community of approximately 4,000,000 members with monthly numbers reaching an estimated 120,000 monthly users.

To start off, could you tell us a little bit more about the whole premises of the game other than just the baseline of Michael, The Archangel, and a group of unruled remaining civilians looking around for “divine stones”? How did this whole apocalyptic situation come to be? [/hero] [Milo] Thank you for your interest in Angel Stone. There’s quite a lot of divine politics that set in motion the apocalyptic events which we see unfold in Angel Stone. Without giving away too much, a chorus of angels held the power to govern mankind and to shape the course of human history. In time, a difference of opinions gradually spiraled into a civil war. In Angel Stone you witness the aftermath of that war, as the losers of that conflict have joined with demons to enact their revenge.


[hero] [James] How did the plot of a loosely based biblical storyline come into play? Obviously this plotline is not what is transcribed in the Christian Holy Bible, but it does follow a few key points of the Book of Revelations. Why did you choose something so controversial when it comes to gaming? [/hero]

[Milo] Many games, especially Role Playing Games, draw from cultural and historical lore as a platform to create their story. We trust that people are used to seeing this enough that any controversy is lost as people appreciate a really fun game with an immersive story.


[hero] [James] Moving on. Most of us have seen the cinematic trailer. It mainly focuses on a stunning female in black fighting a large beast to retrieve the “angel stone”. Does the character in the trailer have a name? Or is it based off a name the player chooses in the beginning of the game? [/hero]

[Milo] The heroine you see kicking some serious butt in the trailer is Eve. You will find yourself coming across her often, though as for her story, it is hard to say. She seems to come alive only on the battlefield, and isn’t really the type for small talk.

[hero] [James] Does the game’s story focus specifically on Eve? [/hero] [Milo] The focus will be on you as you play through the game, though Eve may pop up here and there. It’s hard to say, she’s quite independent haha, she comes and goes when she likes.


[hero] [Jim] A number of other characters were introduced via your Facebook page. Can you talk a little bit about them? How does Eve fit in with this group? [/hero]

[Milo] The groups of warriors which take on the task of fighting evil represent different motivations and ethos. Before the cataclysmic events that serve as the backdrop to Angel Stone, these warriors fought in pursuance of their own passions. For once, none of that matters, as vastly different groups band together in the name of one common goal – survival as a species.


[hero] [Jim] Could you give us a little information on the customizable aspects of the game? (i.e. weapons, armor, colour schemes) [/hero]

[Milo] Throughout your journey you’ll find yourself having to choose how to build your character. Whether it be choosing simple matters such as character gender or class, or more complex choices like which armor, weapons, and skills to equip for your next battle. The emphasis on character build will allow you to show off your unique play-style and compare builds with friends.


[hero] [Jim] Were there any direct inspirations for the design of the gunslinger featured in the cinematic trailer? [/hero]

[Milo] There were no direct inspirations, more like amalgamations of concepts and feelings. Many RPGs classes follow the same tropes of knight, wizard, and ranger. We wanted to pay homage to these classics while still having a bit of creative fun. With the Gunslinger, we wanted to capture the prestige and composition of a knight, with the cold precision of a sniper. For Eve, we worked alongside the creative geniuses at Blur (the design studio responsible for the cinematic trailer). They really captured all the poise and power of the Gunslinger, as well as the quirk and confidence that is uniquely Eve.


[hero] [Jim] Does the term “Gunslinger” imply that these characters will only do combat with guns and bayonets (as shown in the trailer), or will melee and magical abilities factor into gameplay? [/hero]

[Milo] You’ll get to see a lot more as we release our gameplay trailer soon, it’ll be safe to say that all three playable classes are faithful to their roles. That said, they’ve all got their fair share of tricks up their sleeves, we expect you to be pleasantly surprised.


[hero] [Jim] Tell us about your multiplayer components. Is it PvP? PvE? How many other players can play alongside us? [/hero]

[Milo] There will be both multiplayer PvP and PvE elements. Up to 3 people can join together in taking down incredible enemies or face each other in 3v3 brawls.


Earlier, Fincon released over five minutes of simultaneous multi-platform gameplay of Angel Stone. Combat and game graphics are shown off for both mobile and Facebook.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/Y3nVEMTXN4Y?rel=0&showinfo=0″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”1280″]

You heard it here first folks! The awesome and crazy talented character shown in the trailer is named Eve and she will be making several apperances throughout the game. Stay with us at LevelSave.com for up to date Angel Stone coverage.

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