App of the Week: Joey Jump

Written by Karley Campbell
[gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”Joey Jump” developers=”Top Free Games” publishers=”Top Free Games” platforms=”iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad” genres=”Platformer, Arcade” release_date=”12/2/11″]

How cute is this baby kangaroo?! He hops and bops from leaf to leaf in this simple yet addicting game. I always find myself picking this game to play beacause it doesn’t take much brain power. Great for all ages!

You control the little joey by tapping each side of your screen to maneuver him onto each leaf as you try to progress higher and higher in an endless woodland backdrop. The big green leaves give him the regular boost but the little reddish ones, which are less frequent, launch him pretty far!

You can catch butterflues as you go which are spread all around you in clusters but you can catch them easily without really aiming to. As you jump you can collect power ups to boost you back up to a stable leaf in case you are falling. A good thing about Joey Jump is if you miss a leaf you can fall back to a precious one so you aren’t doomed. The objective is to go higher and higher up as you can.

Give it a try if you need a cute little game that doesn’t take too much thinking and is still fun to play countless times. It’s free!


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