Zen Pinball 2: Marvel Civil War Table – Ding Ding Ding!

8 Overall Score
Design: 8/10
Music: 8/10
Events: 8/10

Great design | Excellent atmosphere

I need to step my game up

Game Info

GAME NAME: Zen Pinball 2 Marvel Civil War Table

DEVELOPER(S): Zen Studios

PLATFORM(S): Everything

GENRE(S): Pinball


To much fan delight another Marvel table has been produced by the fine folks over at Zen Studios. The inspiration for the newest table, Civil War, is taken from the Civil War story line in the Marvel universe. Right from the get-go you’re introduced to something new to Zen Pinball 2 and something from the story line, the Stamford Incident.

On the table the Stamford Incident is a multiball starting point. You rack up as many points as you can, but as soon as your first ball leaves the table, it’s over. What’s pretty neat is that you can skip the Stamford Incident when you start a new game and your highest score will always be applied. So there’s a nice incentive, other than bragging rights, to replay the Stamford Incident multiple times in order to get your starting score as high as possible. The highest score of the Stamford Incident as of writing is about 8.5 million. If you beat that make sure to take a picture and tweet it to Zen Studios.

From there you get a bit of exposition as Iron Man and Captain America argue back and forth about registration. While their arguing ensues, you’re making your choice of who’s side you’re on, Iron Man or Captain America. The table as a different feel depending on which side you choose, I almost always choose Captain America, screw registration.

Following your choice the game of pinball begins. As you’re playing and racking up points or screwing up, you will hear from a newscaster, anything from different superheroes making their choice to join either Iron Man or Captain America, to some of the outcomes of some of the hero vs hero battles. One of my favorite moments is when the statues of Iron Man and Captain America on the table spring to life and start to fight it out. The table’s colors change to red and black, the two heroes actions slow down and the music becomes more dire.

The visuals, constant story updates from either the newscaster or one of the heroes and the music all come together nicely to create a really “epic” game of pinball.

Reviewed on the PS Vita


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  • WhosoeverJoe

    Yep, already bought it, it’s cool as hell!

    • IamWeapon

      Yeah, it’s pretty rad.