The Bridge – Gravity is for Babies

the bridge
8 Overall Score
Design: 9/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Presentation: 7/10

Great design | Excellent atmosphere

Presentation of some of the new puzzle elements

Game Info

GAME NAME: The Bridge

DEVELOPER(S): Ty Taylor and Mario Castañeda


GENRE(S): Puzzle


Welcome to the world of The Bridge. Where gravity and physics are mere child’s play. Walk on walls, ceilings, rewind time, basically everything you want to do in real life. The Bridge was developed by Ty Taylor and Mario Castañeda. It’s a 2D puzzle game that has you rotating a enchanting world that is incredibly influenced by M.C. Escher.

The-Bridge-Steam-GameAs I begun The Bridge, I was introduced to the character (whose name I still don’t know) and the simplistic controls. Soon after I began to catch a glimpse of the just how clever and intriguing The Bridge would become. I started walking to the left from the tree you start at and as I continued to walk that way, I passed the tree twice before deciding to walk to the right. Once I did I almost immediately found the character’s house. That was my “Ah ha!” moment and realized this game would probably be playing tricks on me from then on out.

The rooms in the house is where all the magic takes place. Each room has six puzzles and there are five rooms, which will take you about six hours to complete. Even after completing the game though, there is a mirror mode for you to play through. The puzzles gradually increase in difficulty. I didn’t seem to have any problems with difficulty spikes, although I do believe I solved some of the puzzles on accident. Which is fine by me. As you progress, new elements are introduced that really throw a wrench into how you previously viewed the game. But this game was absolutely filled with ah ha! moments for me. Not because I’m a genius but because after staring and reworking a puzzle for twenty minutes, it would just hit me.

The Bridge Steam GameThe lack of explanation on some of the new elements are my only gripes with this game. I’m down for games having absolutely no tutorial, in fact a game I am currently in love with is this way. But, if a game doesn’t come right out with what the attributes of something are, then it needs to be able to be figured out more clearly. After being stuck for so long on a particular puzzle, I checked out a walkthrough. What was said, I had never figured out about this particular element behaving in this way. I was basically at the end and had never figured that out. Maybe it was just me, maybe not.

The beauty of The Bridge is it’s captivating simplicity. It provides you with nice visuals, a nice soundtrack and brain-teasers on steroids. The Bridge is another example of how indie games are on fire right now and will probably continue to burn brighter.


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