The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Written Review

8 Overall Score
Graphics: 7/10
Audio: 9/10
Story: 8/10

Great Scenery | Good Story | A lot of Humor | Easy Gameplay

Mediocre cut-scene graphics | Setting Resolution Limited | Repetitive | No Replay Value

Our Story Begins…

The Book of Unwritten Tales is a Point-and-Click adventure game that has been hanging around for the last few years. Developed by  King Art Games, The Book of Unwritten Tales can be call a pure adventure game, never swaying from its adventure roots. What I really mean by that is that TBoUT is a game that goes back to the times were adventure games were just that, an adventure telling a story that mixes hilariousness with satire and unpredictability. It might not be the adventure game you are used to, but it sure leaves you wondering enough to keep playing.

TBoUT plays like the old Point-and-Click adventures that people were so fond of what seems to be ages ago. The game takes place in a static environment where you control one character and, by clicking on things in the background, you get a resumé of what the items are used for. Some of the items have a story behind it so you might want to pay attention, other items you can grab and even combine them with different items to make a unique one.

Most of the game is comprised of puzzles in which performing a specific action with a certain item will advance the story and open up new objects to click on and a new dialogue to listen to. The formula for the game never really changes and it relies on the order you perform each task. If you ever get lost on what to do, TBoUT lets you hold the space bar down at any time to show you all of the objects that you can interact with on the screen.

Every Detail Has Been Taken Into Account

One of the things that really makes an impression is the scenery. Although not much of it moves since it is a still picture, the dedication and design is a beautiful sight. King Art really takes you back to the very founding principles of what an Adventure game used to be. Every area you encounter in the game seems to have more detail than the last one.

As far as the audio is concern, the voice acting in The Book of Unwritten Tales is also high quality, each character you encounter has its on personality outside of their identity. You’ll get to know each and every character in depth as you spend hours on the game. What I personally enjoyed about the game is the humor in each conversation, the game is full of humor whether it would be in a sarcastic note or just comedic. The game is meant to mock the Fantasy genre in its own loving way which would guarantee a few laughs. The game has some game references that, when you hear it during conversation or performing an action, you will definitely laugh.

If you are looking for multiplayer, you are looking in the wrong place. The Book of Unwritten Tales is solemnly single player. Replay value is also nonexistent, you go through the story by switching between characters which the campaign does it by itself.

It wants your soul!!

The Book of Unwritten Tales is a blast to the past, it is not a ground-breaking adventure game but it sure has its entertaining story, captivating visuals and great voice acting to keep you going. The game might not be for everyone but if you remember the good old Point-and-Click adventure games that you loved to play when you were younger, then The Book of Unwritten Tales might be worth a look.

You can get The Book of Unwritten Tales on Steam worldwide NOW!


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