Terraria – Let Your Imagination Run Wild (Updated)

8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Creativity : 9/10
Sound : 6/10

Game allows you to explore and design however you desire

Sound is dated and repetitive


Terraria starts as simply as any game that you have ever seen, and in these humble beginnings it is very easy to mistake the clever and complex world for something mundane. You start as a user-created character with various creation options that can be manipulated in any way that the player sees fit. Once creation is finished the options are quite simple, pick a small, medium or large world and your difficulty level and you are unleashed into the mysterious world of Terraria. There is an available tutorial and it will help introduce you to the basics of the world, which include chopping down tress to build shelter and digging below ground to explore and expand your wares.Shelter becomes quite important as a means of survival. As day turns to-night our character is swarmed with things that want nothing more than to watch us die. The only defense that a player will have is to hide in their homes until daybreak once again provides us with peace.

terraria-treevillageOnce you have the basics down it is time to find as many materials as you can to improve your character so that you will be able to contend with the various monsters you will encounter along the way. Digging underground is where players will find the majority of the tools, weapons and resources that they will use throughout this deceptively huge title. Underground adventurers will find the majority of their goods by pickaxing their way through different terrain and taking out progressively stronger enemies. The beauty of Terraria is that a player is free to roam and create however they choose. Adventurers can dedicate themselves to simply mining all of the games goods and using those to defeat the varying bosses on the different difficulty levels or they can simply build and create until their hearts are contempt.


The controls are perfect for the PC. The team has done a fantastic job customizing the controls for consoles so that they feel both natural and comfortable, but it is clear throughout that this game belongs on your PC if that is an option. If playing on the PC is not an option for you Terraria is still a game that should be experienced by anyone who feels that their gaming life is missing that sense of exploration.

While it does have its issues both on PC and console, this game really shines when you’re able to play it with a friend. Players are able to take everything that they have in their inventory with them into any world in which their friends have open or they’re invited to. Sharing findings and trading goods can be as much fun as anything else is this title. Hopefully the connection issues and the finicky microphone situations will be ironed out by 505 Games so that this wonderful title will be able to be shared with friends more easily.

Whether you want to sit down in long intense exploration sessions or just spend a bit of time hacking down various enemies, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this title. Seeing some of the content that has been created by players in the Terraria community shows just how much time and effort this title receives from its players. While this is not the most graphically pleasing title on the market it becomes abundantly clear that those who have chosen to give Terraria a chance do not end up regretting their purchase. With the incredible amount of content there is to explore in Terraria it becomes very easy for me to recommend this game to any gamer who has a thirst for exploration and that sense of accomplishment that this title provides at every turn.



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