Stick Streets – A One Way Street of Lame

2 Overall Score

A Good Waste of 20MB

Poor Graphics, Poor Premise, Old Mechanics

Stick Streets is a game similar to many games I have played before. It is a side scroller where you play as a simple stick figure, where you dodge and jump over several obstacles. That doesn’t seem so bad, but the game is practically unplayable with all the things you have to remember to do. You have to tap the other stick figure people but only at a certain distance. You have to slide under ladders, and you would assume to jump over a stack of boxes but instead you kick them by tapping on them.

As random as it seems there is also the same graffiti picture thrown into the background which if you tap on you get extra coins that you can use for add ons. You get coins by how far of a distance you run as well but I have honestly never gotten far enough into the game and cannot enjoy this game enough to care. Stick Streets is free in the iOS App Store so if you would like to kill some time getting frustrated at a cheesy looking game you have your winner.


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20 years old, lancer wielding, zombie enthusiast.