Special Forces: Team X – Not So Special

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 4/10
Audio: 3/10

Potential for Fun | Decent Cover Mechanics

The Sound Will Kills Your Ears | Gameplay is Boring Most of the Time

Game Info

GAME NAME: Special Forces: Team X (STX)

DEVELOPER(S): Zombie Studios, Micropose



GENRE(S): Third Person Shooter


Special Forces: Team X is a game with a lot of heart. Developed by Micropose and Zombie Studios and published by Atari, it has all the inner workings of a great game. Deep customization  an amazing selection of maps, running on Unreal 3, what could go wrong?

You know what they say, the bad egg spoils the bunch.

Before we get to the bad, though, lets talk about the good of the game. Special Forces: Team X features your standard  customization character loadout selection. Nothing too amazing, the same amount of slots you’d have on Call of Duty, except it doesn’t just stick with grenades and tomahawks. Besides your standard weapons you can equip assault dogs, which will attack anything directly in your line of sight. You can equip two “Skills” (perks) and change your appearance to your liking.


Unfortunately, you can only have two loadouts, which is limiting, but normally you’ll just use the Pecheneg or the AK47 anyway. From experience, those are the only two good guns in the game.

Heading into the game you’ll be able to browse games in any of the five game modes (Team Deathmatch, Capture Point, Capture the Flag, High Value Target, and Hotzone). These gamemodes are all fairly straightforward and as you’d expect, playing through ten to fifteen minute matches. After you select your match you’ll be brought to the best part of the game – it’s mapping system. To select a map you’re given a grid of three columns. You select what section of map you want on each column and vote on it. This ends up giving you over a hundred possibilities of maps.

The gameplay itself is a fun third person shooter style, but that’s where the games pluses ultimately end. While gameplay can be fun when you have a full game and when you’re winning, most of the time it’s a bit of a bore, or the match ends when it starts to get good. You’ll also have a hard time finding a match of anything other then deathmatch.


The controls handle a lot like Gears of War, with you vaulting in and out of cover and such, the problem is it’s just not as fun. If you’re good at the game, you’ll be having a great time, but once you start to lose… boy do you start to lose. Very rarely can you ever recover from a losing score.

Oh, and the audio, I absolutely abhor the audio for this game. It’s all the same! Every time you call in a dog you hear “fight!” in the same monotone voice. Every time your losing the announcer says the exact same thing in the exact same voice. I had to play with my sound off towards the end due to how much it killed my ears.

Special Forces: Team X is a decent expense for those who have nothing to fill the shooting void, but with games like Call of Duty and Gears of War going for just around the same price, you’ll have to weigh your decisions quite a bit.


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