Plants vs Zombies Vita – Still One of the Best Games on Any Platform

9 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Replayability: 9/10

It's Plants vs Zombies | Addicting Gameplay | Tons of Content

Ummm.. Still thinking

Plants vs. Zombies can be found on almost every platform. PvZ can even be found as a browser game, which you can play for free. Can it actually be worth the $15 to be played on the Vita? Is there enough content here to keep the player satisfied? Let’s go over the content quickly: 50 levels in Adventure Mode, Zen Garden (in which you grow plants to sell), Tree of Wisdom, 20 mini-games (that are actually really fun), 18 puzzle games, 10 survival modes and 49 plants (towers) to use against the zombie horde. Yes, plenty of content.

PvZ is a tower defense game in which you use plants to defend your house against invading zombies. Simple. Adventure mode is main mode of the game. Zombies of all disgusting shapes and sizes descend upon your home and it’s up to you to keep your brains intact and in your head. You’ll unlock new plants constantly, encounter new zombies and even make a new friend while playing Adventure mode.

Puzzle mode consists of vase breaking games similar to a Whack-a-Mole game that get increasingly more difficult and even a puzzle game that has you controlling the zombies!

The Mini game mode may just be my favorite as each game is so unique compared to the next. Play a match against zombies that use the same abilities as your plants. Beghouled, a PvZ version of Bejeweled. Zombiquarium that has you feeding an aquarium full of zombie fish and a number of other insane games PopCap has come up with.

The Vita version of PvZ may just be the best yet for many reasons. One, it looks gorgeous on the Vita’s beautiful OLED. Two, you can either use the Vita’s buttons or touch pad to navigate the menus, place your towers and more, it’s up to you. On top of that, you can now just lightly shake the Vita to collect the sun and coins that fall. PvZ seems to always be one of the best games you can own on any platform and it’s no different for the Vita version.

Own a Vita? Buy this game.


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