Pangolin – Not a Dinosaur

7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Replayability: 7/10

Fun | Innovative | Quick and Easy

Game Masks Itself as Free | In-App Purchases

Pangolin is a quirky puzzle platformer from the team over at Feedtank. Pangolin has you controlling a little dinosaur through various puzzles, but with everything turned on its head. You see, in Pangolin, you don’t control your character; you control the platforms he jumps on. By two points you’ll make a platform that will shoot Pangolin through the air with varying speed depending on the length of your platform.  This is a fun and innovative new way to mix up the platforming genre, but it has its drawbacks.

Each level you’re given a set amount of platforms you can place, and when you run out, you’re done. This is to be expected and isn’t anything worth complaining over, it’s big drawback is the fact that you can buy more through microtransactions. This seems like a cheap way to milk more money from the consumer in this otherwise fun game. I’m not knocking the game for just its microtransactions, just the fact that these cannot be earned through any other means.

The game itself is fun to play, while some of the later levels become to hard to simply whip it out and get a quick one done, they are fun to play if you have five or ten minutes to spare. Another huge setback is the limited replayability. Once you solve a level it’s really just trying to get the same jumps, there isn’t much variation. The free game comes with one set of ten levels that are basically a long tutorial, with the rest of the game comes at the cost of a .99c “Exploration Pack” as an in game microtransaction. These levels are the bulk of the game, so it’s basically a dollar for the game.

I do like this model of purchasing, even if it is deceiving, as it allows you to try a small part of the game before jumping into it.

Pangolin – iOS

P.S. – Apparently, a Pangolin is a real reptile, not a dinosaur. Google is my friend!


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