Hitman: Absolution – Agent 47 Is As Deadly As Anyone Out There

8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Story: 7/10
Replayability: 8/10

Multiple ways to play through each mission

Some predetermined kill animations on main targets

This being the first Hitman game that I have ever decided to play, I have to admit that I was curious if Agent 47 could stand up to some of the other stars of the industry. After just the opening couple missions I was quite aware that not only could 47 compete with some of our favorite lead characters, but that he would make his case to be among the baddest of them all. From the onset 47 is lead through a series of objectives and contracts that put his back against the wall. 47 is estranged from the Agency, being back-stabbed by his confidant and being hunted by former friends at every turn.

Hitman fans from the previous titles in the series may be familiar with the faces hunting Agent 47 but being that I had no knowledge of the back story they served as another target for me to hunt down and dispose of in any way I saw fit. Bringing your targets down and deciding how to do so is where this title really shines the most. 47 is equipped with an array of weapons that are both provided and acquired throughout the various missions.

Trying to be as stealthy as possible and kill as few people outside of the target can become quite the challenge in some of the games more hectic levels. The enemy AI responds fairly well in most situations and they provide a good challenge they’re provoked and working together. I’m sure that the ability to hide bodies and hide yourself in order to cool down the awareness level of your enemies is nothing new to the series but it something that works very well in the players favor. As long as a player is not seen entering a hiding spot they will be able to cool down their enemies quickly depending on the level of destruction that preceded the hunt.


The varying missions that take place throughout Absolution are different enough and creative enough to keep the player engaged and allow someone to complete the game is a week or two even with a normal adults schedule. Being that the campaign can be completed in that amount of time I was really glad to see the many different objectives that were applicable to any one level. Some included picking up all of the varying weapons and other include different actions or non-actions that you have available to you.

Disguises play a huge role in 47s ability to sneak throughout the different locations that are visited. These disguises range from police uniforms and agency armor all the way to a barbershop outfit. Changing Disguises after being spotted can allow our hitman to get a clean slate and plan their next move.

hitman-absolution-contHitman: Absolution provides its players with reasons to keep coming back with Contracts. This mode allows players to compete against other hitmen across the world to find out who can take down targets the fastest and the cleanest. As with the single player campaign, this mode tracks the score given to 47 based on the positive and negative actions taken throughout the mission.

Replaying your favorite contracts of the single player campaign can be quite entertaining, but the fact that players are able to create and issue custom challenges to other players online is where this mode truly shines. True challenge can come through these missions as players are able to set the scenario however they choose and that allows them to put players into almost impossible situations that require cunning and a quick trigger to navigate.


I didn’t have many complaints about Hitman: Absolution and that made for an overall enjoyable experience during my time with the game. One of the complaints that I did have involved the 3 situations throughout the campaign where I felt the feeling of freedom was taken away from me. In these instances Agent 47 would approach the room or area where his final target waited only to be forced into a pre-determined kill situation that I had no choice in activating. These situations were minor let downs in comparison to the thrill of hunting my enemies throughout. Currently Hitman: Absolution is available at the low price of $29.99 and is one of the best deals on the video game market at the moment. To say that I got my moneys worth would be a gross understatement. I would highly recommend that those that passed on this title late last year go back and see exactly what it is they’ve been missing.


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